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Coming Event - GNOT AM Heat - 1/2

GNOT AM Heat - 1/2     More details
DateWednesday, 11 March 2020 (2 Wednesdays), starting 10am
MealsBYO Lunch
Other informationAt least 4 teams are needed to run this event. Each member of the team must be a member of a Brisbane Zone Club.
Entry formDownload entry form
Details$120 per team (table fees included)
 Please state on your entry if you are contending or non-contending.
 Substituting regulations are available on the QBA website.
Lodging an entryHow to enter:
  ¶ Complete a paper entry form
  ¶ Email an entry to the convenor at qcbc1@optusnet.com.au.
 ¶ Lodge online entry for GNOT AM Heat - 1/2
Entry fee$120.00
List of entriesEntries processed to date:
 GNOT AM Heat - 1/2 (14 entries logged)

GNOT AM HEAT - 1/2 - 11-MAR-20
1Nimal Weerasinghe / Paul Thiem / Tilley Thillainathan / D Thillainathan Non Contending 
2Richard Ward / Therese Tully / Neville Francis / Tony Hutton Contending 
3Evelyn Mander / Joan Jenkins / Ian Bannister / Robyn Clark  
4Lynne Gray / Jenny Hay / Phil Pollett / Annette Corkhill Non contending 
5Dawn Cullen / Ross Murtagh / Maurie Cullen / Rob Hoare Non Contending 
6Lex Ranke / Jack Rohde / David O'Gorman / Julie Jeffries Contending 
7Barry Kempthorne / Agnes Kempthorne / Maha Hoenig / Greer Tucker Non Contending 
8Connie Schoutrop / Albina Smyth / Bronwyn Macleod / Astrid Stone  
9John Summerhayes / Jenny Williams / Linda Norman / Wendy Gibson  
10Annette Scott / Deanne Gaskill / Rosemary Thomson / Ross Currin Contending 
11Margaret Millar / Sue O'Brien / Terry O'Dempsey / Paul Collins Non contending 
12Larry Moses / Ming Shu Yang / Ron Clark / John Gough Non Contending 
13Michael Fernon / Kim McDonald / Helen Brooksbank / Kath Wooler  
14Steve Stening / Barbara Stening / Del Dudman / Peter Lyons