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Bridge players cookbook, The ACT Bridge Ass.
How to win at rubber bridge Albarran,P/ Jais,P
Get smarter at bridge Alder, Phillip
Bridge conventions: Doubles in competition Amsbury, Joe
Bridge: Bidding naturally Amsbury, Joe
Pre-empts from A-Z (2)* Andersen, Ron
Bridge secrets of a winner- for all bridge players Anonymous
Play yourself bridge Autobridge
Bridge conventions: The Swiss convention Baker, Bob
Precision & super precision bidding Belladonna/ Garozzo
Better bidding vol.1 Bergen, Marty
Better bidding vol.2 Bergen, Marty
Better rebidding with Bergen Bergen, Marty
Hand evaluation: Points, schmoints Bergen, Marty
Marty sez (vol 2) Bergen, Marty
More points schmoints Bergen, Marty
Negative doubles Bergen, Marty
Points schmoints (3)* Bergen, Marty
To open or not to open Bergen, Marty
Bridge step by step Berthe,R/ Lebely,N
Bridge step by step card play - No trump (3)* Berthe,R/ Lebely,N
25 Bridge myths exposed Bird, David
52 Great bridge tips Bird, David
Tournament ACOL: System for winners, A Bird,D/ Bourke,T
Secrets of expert card play Bird,D/ Forrester,T
Kosher bridge Bird,D/ Klinger,R
Kosher bridge 2 Bird,D/ Klinger,R
Defensive signalling Bird,D/ Smith,M
Entry management Bird,D/ Smith,M
Planning the play in no trump Bird,D/ Smith,M
Safety plays Bird,D/ Smith,M
Tricks with trumps Bird,D/ Smith,M
Bidding slams with Blackwood Blackwood, Easley
Blackwood on slams (2) Blackwood, Easley
Complete book of opening leads, The (2)* Blackwood, Easley
Play of the hand with Blackwood (3)* Blackwood, Easley
Our precision style (3)* Borin, J&N
Countdown to winning bridge Bourke,T/ Smith,M
How would you rule? Discussion of bridge law Bridge World mag, NY
Complete book of bridge tips Brock, Sally
Bidding craft Brown, John
Play bridge - a workbook for absolute beginners Butts, Joan
Bridge play made easy Cayley, Frank
History of Australian bridge, The Chua, Cathy
Bridge play: Four classics Coffin, George S
Following the law: The total tricks sequel Cohen, Larry
To bid or not to bid: The law of total tricks (3)* Cohen, Larry
Elements of play, The Cohen, Ruth
ABC of contract bridge (2)* Cohen,B/ Barrow R
All about Acol Cohen,B/ Barrow,R
Conventions made clear Cohen,B/ Barrow,R
Your lead partner Cohen,B/ Barrow,R
Basic Acol (2)* Cohen,B/ Lederer,R
Your lead partner Cohen,B/ Lederer,R
Grand slam: Thirteen great bridge stories Cole, ER
Play cards with Tim Seres Courtney, Michael
Bridge is beautiful Cromelin, Paul
Acol in competition (3)* Crowhurst, Eric
Precision bidding in Acol (4)* Crowhurst, Eric
Understanding ACOL Crowhurst/ Kambites
Golden age of bridge, The Daniels, D
Right through the pack (2)* Darvas,R/ De Hart,N
Spotlight on card play Darvas,R/ Lukacs,P
Bridge magic Darwen, Hugh
Mexican contract, The De Serpa, Allan
Better bidding for improving players (2)* Dick, Ross
Bridge is still an easy game Donovan,P/ Macleod,I
Powerhouse hands (3)* Dormer, Albert
Championship bridge as played by the experts Dunne,P/ Ostrow, A
Bridge squeezes illustrated Eng, Fook
Doubles for takeout, penalties & profit (2)* Ewen, Robert
Opening leads (5)* Ewen, Robert
Pre-emptive bidding (2)* Ewen, Robert
5 card majors Feldheim, Harold
Winning swiss team tactics in bridge Feldheim, Harold
How to play bridge Flint, Jeremy
Instructions for the defence Flint,J/ Greenwood,D
Bridge - the golden principles Flint,J/ North,F
Bridge in the looking glass Flint,J/ North,F
Competitive bidding (2)* Flint,J/ Sharp,R
Bridge with the blue team (2)* Forquet, Pietro
Daily Telegraph book of bridge, The (2)* Fox, GCH
Master play - Best of international bridge, The Fox, GCH
Medium club relay Fransz,A/ Klinger,R
Bridge for women Frey, Richard
Official encyclopaedia of bridge, The (2)* Frey, Richard
Card play technique (3)* Gardener,N/ Mollo,V
Blue club, The (3)* Garoszo/ Yallouze,Y
Aces Scientific Goldman, Bobby
Sherlock Holmes bridge detective Gooden/ Thomas,F
Better bridge for better players Goren, Charles
Contract bridge for beginners Goren, Charles
Duplicate bridge tips (2)* Goren, Charles
Goren settles the bridge arguments Goren, Charles
Goren's bridge complete (2)* Goren, Charles
Goren's bridge quizzes Goren, Charles
Goren's new bridge complete Goren, Charles
Play winning bridge with any partner even a stranger Goren, Charles
Precision system of contract bridge bidding, The (5)* Goren, Charles
Bridge additions '96 Granovetter, M
Bridge conventions in depth Granovetter, M & P
For experts only: selected essays on bridge Granovetter, P & M
Forgive me, partner Granovetter, PM
Bridge/ Play of the hand Grant, Audrey
Introduction to bridge bidding Grant, Audrey
Duplicate decisions: Club director's guide Greenberg, Julie
Bridge conventions: Losing trick count, The Griffiths, DC
Golden years of bridge, The Griffiths, J
How the experts win at bridge (3)* Hall,B/ Rose-Hall,L
At the table (autobiog of world #1 rated player, 1996) Hamman,B/Manley,B
Competitive bidding: two-suited hands Hardy, Max
Five card majors western style Hardy, Max
New minor - Fourth suit forcing Hardy, Max
Two over one game force (2)* Hardy, Max
Bridge director's companion Harris, Larry
Australian book of bridge, The Havas, George
Winning declarer play Hayden, Dorothy
Defence in depth (2)* Hoffman, Martin
Hoffman on pairs play Hoffman, Martin
More tales of Hoffman (2)* Hoffman, Martin
Bridge conventions: Responding to 2NT Horton, Sally
Art of coarse bridge, The Hughes, Spike
Card reading Jannersten, Eric
Precision bridge Jannersten, Eric
Play safe and win Jannersten/ Wohlin,J
Winning pairs technique (2)* Jannersten/ Wohlin,J
Bedside book of bridge Jeronimidis, Elena
Defensive skills for you Kambites, Andrew
Signals and discards for you Kambites, Andrew
Slam bidding for you Kambites, Andrew
Advanced bridge defense Kantar, E
Bridge conventions: techniques of modern bridge (3)* Kantar, E
Bridge for dummies Kantar, E
Bridge humor (2)* Kantar, E
Expert's guide to improving your bidding skills, An (2) Kantar, E
Forcing pass, The: In contract bridge (2)* Kantar, E
Introduction to declarer's play (6)* Kantar, E
Introduction to defender's play (6)* Kantar, E
Introduction to defenders play Kantar, E
Kantar for the defense vol.1 (2)* Kantar, E
Kantar for the defense vol.2 (2)* Kantar, E
Modern bridge defense Kantar, E
New approach to play & defense, A (vol 2)* Kantar, E
New approach to play and defense, A (3)* Kantar, E
Roman key card Blackwood Kantar, E
Test your bridge play (2)* Kantar, E
Test your bridge play vol.2 Kantar, E
Topics in declarer play at bridge Kantar, E
Gamesman bridge; play better with Kantar (2)* Kantar, E/ Stanley, J
Competitive bidding in modern bridge (4)* Kaplan, Edgar
Winning contract bridge complete Kaplan, Edgar
How would you rule? (from Bridge World mag.) Kaplan,E/ Rubens, J
Winning bridge Kaplan/ Sheinwold
Art of card reading at bridge, The (2)* Karpin, Fred
Bridge strategy at trick one (2)* Karpin, Fred
Drawing of trumps and its postponement, The Karpin, Fred
How to play slam contracts Karpin, Fred
Bridge at your fingertips Kearse, Amalya
Bridge conventions complete (2)* Kearse, Amalya
Killing defence Kelsey H
101 bridge maxims (2)* Kelsey, H
Advanced play at bridge Kelsey, H
Bridge - the mind of the expert (2)* Kelsey, H
Bridge logic (2)* Kelsey, H
How to improve your bridge (3)* Kelsey, H
Killing defence at bridge (2)* Kelsey, H
Match-point bridge Kelsey, H
More killing defence at bridge (2)* Kelsey, H
Needle match, The (2)* Kelsey, H
Slam Kelsey Kelsey, H
Strip - Squeezes Kelsey, H
Test your elimination play Kelsey, H
Test your percentages Kelsey, H
Test your safety play Kelsey, H
Test your trump control Kelsey, H
Bridge quiz for improving players Kelsey,H/ Bourke
Bridge odds for practical players (2)* Kelsey,H/ Glauert,M
Improve your opening leads (2)* Kelsey,H/ Matheson
No trump zone, The Kleinman, Danny
100 winning bridge tips (3)* Klinger, Ron
50 winning bridge tips Klinger, Ron
50 winning duplicate tips Klinger, Ron
Bid better, much better (2)* Klinger, Ron
Bidding to win - Losing trick count Klinger, Ron
Bidding to win (3)* Klinger, Ron
Bridge basics (3)* Klinger, Ron
Bridge conventions, defences & counter measures (2)* Klinger, Ron
Bridge player who laughed, The Klinger, Ron
Bridge without error (3)* Klinger, Ron
Cue bidding to slams (3)* Klinger, Ron
Guide to better bridge (5)* Klinger, Ron
Guide to better card play (4)* Klinger, Ron
Guide to better duplicate (7)* Klinger, Ron
Improve your bridge memory (2)* Klinger, Ron
Modern losing trick count, The (2)* Klinger, Ron
Playing to win at bridge (6)* Klinger, Ron
Power Acol: the art of being lucky in bidding Klinger, Ron
Power of shape, The Klinger, Ron
Power system, The (3)* Klinger, Ron
Practical slam bidding (2)* Klinger, Ron
When to bid, when to pass (2)* Klinger, Ron
Winning bridge - trick by trick (4)* Klinger, Ron
World championship pairs Klinger, Ron
Bridge conventions for you (2)* Klinger,R/ Kambites,A
Card play made easy Klinger,R/ Kambites,A
Card play made easy I: safety and endplays Klinger,R/ Kambites,A
Card play made easy II: suit combinations Klinger,R/ Kambites,A
Card play made easy III: trump management Klinger,R/ Kambites,A
Fun way to better bridge play, The Lambert, Harry
Fun way to serious bridge, The Lampert, Harry
Complete book on balancing, The Lawrence, Mike
Complete book on hand evaluation, The Lawrence, Mike
Complete book on overcalls in contract bridge, The (2)* Lawrence, Mike
Contested auctions Lawrence, Mike
Dynamic defense (2)* Lawrence, Mike
Falsecards Lawrence, Mike
Hand evaluation Lawrence, Mike
How to play card combinations Lawrence, Mike
How to read your opponents cards (4)* Lawrence, Mike
Jacoby & Texas Transfers Lawrence, Mike
Judgement at bridge (2)* Lawrence, Mike
Lebensohl Convention, The Lawrence, Mike
Major suit raises (2)* Lawrence, Mike
Opening leads Lawrence, Mike
Overcalls Lawrence, Mike
Partnership understanding Lawrence, Mike
Passed hand bidding Lawrence, Mike
Play bridge with Mike Lawrence Lawrence, Mike
Swiss teams of four Lawrence, Mike
I fought the law of total tricks (2)* Lawrence,M/ Wiirgren
Winning bridge intangibles Lawrence/ Hanson,K
Bridge analysis Le Dentu, Jose
Championship bridge Le Dentu, Jose
3D and the mafia club Lindsay, Kenneth L
Strong club, A Littler/ Bishop/ Gilchrist
Bridge squeezes complete (2)* Love, Clyde
Zen gamesman: the art of bridge Lozowick, Lee
Bridge is an easy game (2)* Macleod, Iain
Bidding: Collins bridge for beginners Mahmood, Zia
Defence Mahmood, Zia
Ask Zia Mahmood,Z/ Burn,D
Opening leads and signals (3)* Mallon, John
Bridge: The ultimate limits Mansfield, Eric
Power precision - updated and expanded Marchione, Richard
Bid boldly play safe (5)* Markus, Rixi
Commonsense bridge (2)* Markus, Rixi
Improve your bridge Markus, Rixi
Play better bridge Markus, Rixi
Rixi Markus book of bridge Markus, Rixi
All about notrumps (4)* Marston, Paul
Introduction to bridge (5)* Marston, Paul
Language of bidding - Acol Marston, Paul
Language of bidding, The (8)* Marston, Paul
Principles of card play, The (7)* Marston, Paul
Winning decisions: competitive bidding Marston, Paul
Bridge workbook - Beginners Marston,P/ Brightling
Opening two bids (5)* Marston,P/ Hughes,N
Mind games: a history of bridge in Queensland Masters. Colin (ed)
Simpler way to better bridge, A Maxwell, Douglas
Winning at rubber bridge Mayer, Edward
Match your bidding against the masters McNeil, K
Bridge from the top - Book 1 Miles, Marshall
Bridge hands for the connoisseur Milnes,E/ Lukacs,P
Improve your dummy play Milnes,E/ Lukacs,P
Bridge - Case for the defence Mollo, V
Bridge : modern bidding Mollo, V
Bridge course complete Mollo, V
Bridge immortals, The Mollo, V
Bridge in the 4th dimension (2)* Mollo, V
Bridge in the menagerie: winning ways of hideous hog Mollo, V
Bridge saga Mollo, V
Bridge: Case for the defence (4)* Mollo, V
Bridge: modern bidding Mollo, V
Complete bridge player, The Mollo, V
Confessionns of an addict (2)* Mollo, V
Destiny at bay Mollo, V
Finer arts of bridge, The Mollo, V
Masters and monsters Mollo, V
Streamline your bidding Mollo, V
Streamline your card play (4)* Mollo, V
Streamlined bridge: Bidding without tears (2)* Mollo, V
Test your defense: Where the points are won (2)* Mollo, V
Bridge for beginners Mollo,V/ Gardener,N
Bridge for beginners Mollo,V/ Gardener,N
Card play technique (6)* Mollo,V/ Gardener,N
Best of bridge, The Mollo,V/ Jannersten,E
Best of bridge, The Mollo,V/ Jannersten,E
How good is your defense Mollo,V/ Nielsen,A
Morehead on bidding Morehead, Albert H
Bridge Institute lesson manual: Goren system Nash, Garrett
Adventures in card play (3)* Ottlik,G/ Kelsey,H
Easier done than said Paranjape, Prakash
Bridge: TNT & competitive bidding (2)* Payne,D/ Amsbury,J
Bridge with Mr Goren Phillips, Hubert
Beginners guide to bridge Place, Lucille
Tickets to the devil Powell, Richard
Thinking on defense Priebe, Jim
Problems in play (book 1) (3)* Priest, Denis
Problems in play (book 2) (5)* Priest, Denis
Bridge by question and answer Reece, Terence
Bridge tips by world masters Reece, Terence
Omar Sharif's life in bridge (translation) Reece, Terence
Story of an accusation Reece, Terence
Bridge for bright beginners Reese, Terence
Bridge tips by world masters Reese, Terence
Develop your bidding judgment Reese, Terence
Expert game, The Reese, Terence
Master play (2)* Reese, Terence
Play bridge with Reese Reese, Terence
Play these hands with me Reese, Terence
Practical bidding & practical play Reese, Terence
Precision bidding, precision play (3)* Reese, Terence
Reese on play (2)* Reese, Terence
What would you bid Reese, Terence
All you need to know about play Reese,T/ Bird,D
Bridge: the modern game (2)* Reese,T/ Bird,D
Famous bidding decisions Reese,T/ Bird,D
Hidden side of bridge, The Reese,T/ Bird,D
Bridge: the Acol system of bidding Reese,T/ Dormer,A
How to play a good game of bridge (3)* Reese,T/ Dormer,A
Play of the cards, The Reese,T/ Dormer,A
Defend with your life Reese,T/ Kantar,E
Positive declarer's play Reese,T/ Pottage,J
Positive defence Reese,T/ Pottage,J
Art of defence in bridge, The Reese,T/ Trezel,R
Blocking and unblocking plays in bridge (3)* Reese,T/ Trezel,R
Elimination play in bridge (3)* Reese,T/ Trezel,R
Master the odds in bridge Reese,T/ Trezel,R
Mistakes you make at bridge, The (4)* Reese,T/ Trezel,R
Safety plays in bridge (3)* Reese,T/ Trezel,R
Snares and swindles in bridge Reese,T/ Trezel,R
When to duck, when to win in bridge Reese,T/ Trezel,R
Learn bridge from the experts (2)* Rimington, Derek
Partnership bidding at bridge Robson, A/ Segal,O
Commonsense bidding (2)* Root, William
How to defend a bridge hand (2)* Root, William
Modern bridge conventions (2)* Root,W/ Paylicek,R
Bridge, Zia and me Rosenberg, Michael
Bid your way to the top Rosenkranz, George
More tips for tops Rosenkranz, George
Win with Romex: The key to accurate bidding Rosenkranz, George
Picture bidding Roth, Alvin
Challenge your declarer play Roth, Danny
Focus on bidding Roth, Danny
Pathways to better bridge defense Roth, Danny
Club level duplicate bridge: Which strategies win Routman, Mark J
Secrets of winning bridge, The (2)* Rubens, Jeff
Bridge with a perfect partner Saunders, PF
Five weeks to winnning bridge Scheinwold, Alfred
Better bidding in 15 minutes Schenken, Howard
Education of a bridge player Schenken, Howard
Howard Schenken's 'big club' Schenken, Howard
Bridge: expert dummy play (3)* Seabrook, Barry
Bridge: 25 ways to take more tricks as declarer Seagram,B/ Bird,D
Jacoby 2NT Seagram,B/ Lee,L
25 bridge conventions (4)* Seagram,B/ Smith,M
25 Ways to compete in the bidding Seagram,B/ Smith,M
Bridge conventions: The multicoloured 2D Senior, Brian
Raising partner Senior, Brian
Play more bridge with Omar Sharif Sharif, Omar
Duplicate bridge Sheinwold, Alfred
Why you lose at bridge (3)* Simon, S J
All the tricks Sobel, Helen
Bridge for women Solomon, Peggy etc.
Bridge bum, The Sontag, Alan
Power precision Sontag, Alan
Bridge: Improve your defence (2)* Sowter, Tony
Step by step- constructive bidding Sowter, Tony
Bidding at bridge (2)* Squire, Norman
Contract bridge - Bidding today (1976) Squire, Norman
Guide to bridge conventions, A Squire, Norman
Do you play Stayman? Stayman, Samuel M
Becoming a bridge expert Stewart, Frank
Better bridge for the advancing player Stewart, Frank
Bidders bible, The Stewart, Frank
Contract bridge qui's book Stewart, Frank
Winning defense Stewart, Frank
Winnning defence for advancing players Stewart, Frank
New York Times bridge book, The Truscott, A&D
Winning declarer play Truscott, DH
Bridging my way Valentine, Judy
New ideas in defensive play Vinje,H/ Reese,T(ed)
Introduction to defensive bidding Von der Porter, R
Practical bridge endings Wang, Chien-Hwa
Play of the hand at bridge (2)* Watson, Louis H
Precision bidding in bridge (2)* Wei, CC
Simplified precision system of bridge bidding, The Wei, CC
Precision - one club Wei, Katherine
Profits from pre-empts Wei,CC/ Anderson,R
Action for the defense (3)* Wei,K/ Anderson,R
Precision's one club - complete (2)* Wei,K/ Radin,J
Matchpoints Woolsey, Kit
Modern defensive signalling in contract bridge (3)* Woolsey, Kit
Partnership defense in bridge Woolsey, Kit
Partnership in defense Woolsey, Kit
Pre-empts from A to Z Zenkel,S/ Anderson,R
Autobridge No. 1
Autobridge No. 2
Bridge players' encyclopedia, The (2)*
Pro. Bridge professor: electronic bridge game
World bridge pairs & knock out teams: Oct1-16, 1982
World championships: Oct19/ Nov2, 1985
World championships: Sept24/ Oct8, 1983